Aviation Insurance is often complex with many factors affecting the underwriter’s decision regarding acceptability and premium. It is for this reason we prefer to obtain the needed information through detailed discussion with our clients. This will enable us, and the underwriter, to do the best job possible resulting in correct coverages for the most competitive premium. In addition, in depth discussion helps our clients to more fully understand their insurance program.

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Here are some useful Aviation links and resources. Enjoy and we look forward to hearing from you

  • www.faa.gov — Federal Aviation Administration website.
  • www.avweb.com — The Internet’s Aviation Magazine and News service.
  • www.nasa.gov — NASA Homepage.
  • Aviation Safety — Yahoo Aviation Safety and related links.
  • www.uswings.com — Leather Bomber Jackets and Flight Jackets by Avirex, Cooper, and Alpha, Aviation Gifts for Pilots and Aviators, and Military Memorabilia from U.S. Wings.
  • www.partsbase.com — Aviation business online, aviation industry, aerospace industry – Parts Base.